All about me...

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Welcome to Laura Myers Photography. I'm Laura and I'm a wedding  photographer covering Greater Manchester, Lancashire and beyond! I've shot close to 50 weddings in the last 5 years, each one fabulously unique and I'm privileged to have played a part in them. I'm based around the North West, but don't let that stop you...I've shot a vineyard wedding in the south, popped into a  cathedral and danced a ceilidh in Scotland and nipped over the border to Wales, so North West is a rather loose term!

My wedding style? If you want tens of staged photos and endless formal group photos, then I'm going to be honest...I'm probably not the gal for you. However...! If you want to sneak off down a country road with your newly betrothed and grab some super-romantic-without-being-too-cheesy type shots, have some fun with your bridesmaids and ushers, and have all those lovely weddingy bits that you want to remember forever to be caught on camera then I reckon we're a pretty good match. 

I really have one main rule when it comes to photography...I won't take a photo that makes me feel uncomfortable; I  figure if I feel awkward, then you''ll be feeling awkward too. Whether you love having your photograph taken, or generally shy from's your wedding day and I'll be there to capture the moments that are important to you.


I see it as a great privilege to be asked to photograph someone's wedding day- to see it from start to finish, to captures the nerves, the excitement, the laughter, the friendships and love. (oh, and the usually awesome dancing!) I take photos because I love being creative; I started a photography business because I love handing over images that I've captured that make people smile, laugh and bring back memories of an amazing day.

When I'm not with my camera you can often find me clutching a golf club, cooking, drinking the odd G&T, spending time with my amazing family and friends, walking in Worsley woods with my awesome Labrador Fitzwilliam,   and trying to get in shape. (Often counterbalanced by the fore mentioned cooking.) :)

Big thanks to Diego Creations for the amazing video below.