All about me...

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Welcome to Laura Myers Photography. I'm Laura and I'm a wedding  & new born photographer covering Greater Manchester, Lancashire and beyond! My wedding style? I really have one main rule when it comes to photography...I won't take a photo that makes me feel uncomfortable; i figure if I feel awkward, then you''ll be feeling awkward too. Whether you love having your photograph taken, or generally shy from's your wedding day and I'll be there to capture the moments that are important to you.

I've been thinking recently as to why I enjoy photography, and in particular wedding photography so much... Those of you that know me well will know how competitive I am, if there's a trophy, certificate or even a sticker involved I'm there and without question will give it everything. When it come to photography, it's no different. I'm only competing against myself but every wedding, every shoot I do, I give it 100%, and I'm always striving to improve. 

I see it as a great privilege to be asked to photograph someone's wedding day- to see it from start to finish, to captures the nerves, the excitement, the laughter, the friendships and love. (oh, and the usually awesome dancing!) I take photos because I love being creative; I started a photography business because I love handing over images that I've captured that make people smile, laugh and bring back memories of an amazing day.

When I'm not with my camera you can often find me clutching a golf club, (same applies with the competitiveness though with less successful results!) cooking, drinking the odd G&T, spending time with my amazing family and friends and trying to get in shape. (Often counterbalanced by the fore mentioned cooking.) :)

Big thanks to Diego Creations for the amazing video below.